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Question : What programming language has the best tooling for the modern developer? Why?

Answer : For Web development: You need to know HTML, CSS and JavaScript languages. That's the bare minimum to get started. As for frameworks, there are hundreds of them, but you only need couple of them. For tools, like development tools, you only need notepad and a browser. Of course there are development tools that will help you more efficient like brackets.
For Mobile apps:
You can just stick with HTML, CSS and JavaScript to build mobile apps using Cordova. For native development you will need to know these languages: Java for android within Android Studio Swift for iOS within xcode C# for Windows Phone within Visual Studio.

For desktop apps:
You have numerous options, you can nearly use any programming language: C# with WPF or Windows Forms C++ with Qt, WPF, or wxwidgets Python with tkinter, wxpython, pyqt, or kivy Perl with perl-tk Webapp that you use as desktop app.

For cross-platform apps:
Qt, Xamarin

Integrated development environments (IDE): Check Jetbrains for their tools   , Visual studio from microsoft   , Xcode   , Eclipse   , Netbeans   , Aptana.
Tools: Notepad++ on windows Vim\Emacs on linux   , Command line knowledge will be needed   , Brackets for web development There are countless number of languages, frameworks, and tools.

Question : What is best modern programming language?

Answer : In 2017, and let’s cover it – having coding skills makes a difference, it doesn't matter what job you have got. It’s not only for coders or programmers anymore, and it’s more important than ever that everybody have at the least a basic knowledge of coding skills.
Popularity of programming languages utilizing the variety of expert engineers and search engine rankings.
The results :
Java, C, C++, C#, Python, PHP, .NET, JavaScript, Assembly Language, Ruby, Perl, Delphi, VisualBasic, Swift, MATLAB, Pascal, Groovy, Objective-C, R,   PL/SQL .

Question : I want to create a social network iOS app. I learned the Swift language. What should I use for my backend?

Answer : We will recommended you Firebase because Firebase features are the Realtime Database, Storage, Hosting, and Test Lab.
You should have no worries about Firebase’s performance, since it is powered by Google’s infrastructure.Firebase’s learning curve is minimal. The documentation is elaborate enough to take you through step by step processes of applying its functionalities.

Question : I want to create android app for this can SachTech Solution create this and How much time it would take to develop?

Answer : Yes we can create android app and Calculating the specific project timeframe is not possible without the definite understanding of the future app’s structure & design. Development time for Android app : -
Simple Android app (up to 4 weeks)
API Integration, Simple UI/UX, Property list, Map view, Simple property view, Simple Search.  

Middle Android app( up to 8-12 weeks)
UI/UX- Tablets support, Search by map, Social Integration, Detail property view, Several Roles, Filters.

Complex Android app( over 16 weeks)
Difficult, Integration with 3rd Party services, Custom Animation, Advanced Filters, Payments Integration, Chat feature.

Question : What facilities do you provide in SachTech Solution Skill Development?

Answer : Dedicated experienced developers will be assigned to the particular groups, making concept clear to them by linking it with real life examples along with internet facilities will be provided to them for their own R&D on the technology, PD classes for making them facing the future interviews 100% assistance for the job after particular completion of whole course.

Question : My son is an average student and his aggregate marks is less than 60% in the B. Tech exam, can he join SACHTECH SOLUTION SKILL DEVELOPMENT?
Is there any discrimination on basis of percentage at industrial level?

Answer : Yes, he can join the SachTech Solution Skill Development. NO there is no kind of discrimination on the basis of percentage as we are having our own methodology of analyzing candidate skills at SachTech Solution (SachTech Solution Skill Development).

Question : I am student of 2nd year engineering can I join SACHTECH SOLUTION SKILL DEVELOPMENT? How it will be useful?

Answer : Yes, you can join it for the period of 6/8 weeks. It will be useful to learn the basics of any particular language & to know about the IT corporates work culture & their method of working & accordingly prepare yourself for facing future interview with ease.

Question : What is the process to take admission through online mode?

Answer : For online admissions related query consult to the below contact persons:
Mr. Diwanshu Tangri : +91-9780131743
Ms. Anchal Sachdeva : +91-7347306841
We will provide online payment link as soon as possible.

Question : What is the mode of Payment to join SACHTECH SOLUTION SKILL DEVELOPMENT?

Answer : One can pay by visiting company by cash or by doing the swiping of their debit or credit cards, Google Pay (7087425488), PhonePe (7087425488), Paytm (7087425488), by doing NEFT, Net Banking, Transfer to company account by visiting any nearby bank.

Question : Can I deposit my fees in Installment?

Answer : If their is any candidate who is willing to learn & explore his/her skills but is not able to do because of financial issues then after listening to his/her problem, he/she can pay his/her fees in installments after having permission from the company management.

Question : I took admission, but then I never attended a single class, I want to get my amount refunded?

Answer : Fees is not refundable at any circumstances nor transmittable in other candidate account.

Question : What is the process to take admission through online mode?

Answer : For online admissions related query consult to the below contact persons:
Mr. Diwanshu Tangri : +91-9780131743
Ms. Anchal Sachdeva : : +91-7347306841

Question : Do you provide any Demo classes?

Answer : Yes at the time of visit we arrange demo classes to the candidates so as to know about the particular developer brushing candidates technical skills methodology, curriculum covered during course, future benefit of the applied technology & reason for joining the particular technology course.

Question : Can I swipe the card?

Answer : Yes.